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We have been very much result oriented

Jan 18, 2018 | Cricketingnepal |

 Paras Khadka (National cricket team captain)

Once we qualified for the World Cup, people began saying Nepali cricket has reached a higher level. In Fact , I've said this for a very long time, if we have to move ahead we need to have a plan for three, five or 10 years. Afghanistan is a very good example for us. Their U-19 teams are regularly beating Test playing nations. We have done very well at U-19 level but in absence of regular cricket, we have only managed to win certain number of matches. We have always lagged behind in consistency.

More than the four-year cycle of the World Cricket League, we have to think about the place where we can take Nepali cricket into in the next five years, or what is our goal in the next 10 years. I think that should be our biggest concern. If you think that only our ranking in the World Cricket League can move us ahead, I think we are still in a very infant stage of our cricketing development process.

It's obvious that if the team playing at a higher level will help us in generating funds. But I think Nepal, being the cricket loving country that it has become, if we correct our resources then we can move along independently. But for that we need to have a proper management. And if that management prepares a three, five or 10-year plan, I think World Cricket League is just a part of it.

Not having an administration has affected the overall Nepali cricket since the suspension and before the suspension of the Cricket Association of Nepal. Management wise, we still haven't managed to get this thing sorted out.

Since Pubudu (former coach Pubudu Dassanayake) sir left, the pressure has even been higher on the team regarding how we are going to move forward. I hope in the coming days, we sort this this situation as soon as possible. But we are still thinking about how Nepali is doing in the World Cricket League and how the team is ranked. We need to think beyond that.

Our U-19 team is still managing to beat teams like India despite getting only two or three weeks of training. Imagine how it might turn out if we put up a proper structure at its place. Results might not come to our favour at times, for instance, lets talk about the Ashes or India versus South Africa, both teams don't leave anything behind in terms of preparation and talent. But it comes down to how well those teams handle the pressure situations.

To move along with the system, we need to create a platform where we can get cricketing calendar from the grassroot level throughout the year. Then we can talk about the results. We are only putting all our focus at the higher level. I had been saying this since the time I took the captaincy from U-17, U-19 and at the senior level, until the time we make our domestic structure strong, it is our foolishness to get carried away by winning just few matches.



The article is an extracted version of an interview taken by cricketingnepal.com regarding Paras' opinion about the impending ICC World Cricket League Division 2 in Namibia.

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