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Everest Premier League in stats

Dec 18, 2017 | Cricketingnepal |

Everest Premier League (EPL) will kick off from today as Kathmandu Kings XI will play against Lalitpur Patriots.

The lucrative tournament is one of the most awaited tournament in Nepal whether its players or fans or sponsors or the owners of six different teams participating in this edition of EPL. This is the second season of EPL.

In the last season team with different corporate team participated in the tournament. But in this season of EPL organizers has come up with team names from six different cities of Nepal.

As the tournament is starting from today, we here bring you with some stats from the first season of EPL.


Highest Total

185 for 5               Panchakanya Tez VS Sagarmatha Legends

174 for 7               Vishal Warriors VS Sagarmatha Legends

171 for 4              Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factors                                                                   

168 for 6               Colors X-Factors VS Sagarmatha Legends

159 for 6               Sagarmatha Legends VS Colors X-Factors

154 for 3               Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factor



Most Runs

Aasif Sheikh                 220

Paras Khadka               182

Sunil Dhamala              179

Gyanendra Malla           172

Rajesh Pulami Magar    145

Meheboob Alam           143

Subhendu Pandey       125

 Prithu Baskota             125


Fastest 50s

Paras Khadka                     22 balls Warriors VS Sagarmatha Legends

Karab KC                            29 balls Panchakanya Tez VS Sagarmatha Legends

Gyanendra Malla                32 balls Colors X-Factos VS Sagarmatha Legends

Rajesh Pulami Magar        33 balls Colors X-Factos VS Sagarmatha Legends

Pradeep Airee                    35 balls Kantipur Gurkhas VS Sagarmatha Legends

Sunil Dhamala                    36 balls Sagarmatha Legends VS Vishal Warriors


Most runs in an innings

Aasif Sheikh                       111* Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factors

Paras Khadka                     99 Vishal Warriors VS Sagarmatha Legends

Sunil Dhamala                    87 Sagarmatha Legends VS Vishal Warriors

Subhendhu Pandey           78* Jagadamba Rhinos VS Sagarmatha Legends

Aasif Sheikh                        67 Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-factors

Paras Khadka                     56*  Vishal Warriors VS Jagadamba Rhinos


Most sixes

Paras Khadka                     13

Aasif Sheikh                        12

Som Pal Kami                      9

Meheboob  Alam                 9

Sunil Dhamala                     7


Most Fours

Gyanendra Malla               17

Aasif Sheikh                       16

Sunil Dhamala                   15

Paras Khadka                    13

Pradeep Airee                   12

Meheboob Alam                12



Most Wickets

Sushil Kandel                      12

Karan KC                            9

Bashant Regmi                   8

Sharad Vesawkar                8

Diprendra Singh Airee        8

Amar Singh Routela           7


Best bowling in an innings

Sanjam Regmi                  4-1-12-4 Colors X-Factors VS Jagadamba Rhinos

Dipendra Singh Airee        4-0-21-4 Panchakanya Tez VS Kantipur Gurkhas

Avinash Bohra                    4-0-28-4 Kantipur Gurkhas VS Panchakanya Tez

Dipesh Shrestha                4-0-29-4 Vishal Warriors VS Panchakanya Tez

Sushil Kandel                     2-0-4-3 Panchakanya Tez VS Sagarmatha Legends



Highest partnership by runs

Paras Khadka and Suraj Kurmi                            131 Vishal Warriors VS Sagarmatha Legends

Shakti Gauchan and Subhendu Pandey               111* Jagadamba Rhinos VS Sagarmatha Legends

Gyanendra Malla and Rajesh Pulami Magar        91 Colors X-Factors VS Sagarmatha Legends

Paras Khadka and Sagar Pun                              85 Vishal Warriors VS Jagadamba Rhinos

Aasif Sheikh and Sharad Vesawkar                      83 Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factors

Subash Khakurel and Pradeep Airee                     81 Kantipur Gurkhas VS Sagarmatha Legends



Highest Partnership by wickets







Subash Khakurel/Pradeep Airee

Kantipur Gurkhas VS Sagarmatha Legends



Aasif Sheikh/Sharad Vesawkar

Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factor



Paras Khadka/Suraj Kurmi

Vishal Warriors VS Sagarmatha Legends



Gyanendra Malla and Rajesh Pulami Magar       

Colors X-Factors VS Panchakanya Tez



Shakti Gauchan/Som Pal Kami

Jagadamba Rhinos VS Panchakanya Tez



Bikram Sob/Meheboob Alam

Jagadamba Rhinos VS Sagarmatha Legends



Pushpa Thapa/Dipendra Airee

Panchakanya Tez VS Kantipur Gurkhas



Pushpa Thapa/Karan KC

Panchakanya Tez VS Kantipur Gurkhas



Rahul BK/Chandra Sawad

Jagadamba Rhinos VS Panchakanya Tez



Chandra Sawad/Rupesh Shrivastav

Jagadamba Rhinos VS Panchakanya Tez



Highest runs in power-play

53/3                      Colors X-Factors VS Panchakanya Tez

50/1                       Colors X-Factors VS Sagarmatha Legends

48/0                       Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factors

48/4                      Sagarmatha Legends VS Panchakanya Tez

47/0                       Kantipur Gurkhas VS Sagarmatha Legends

46/2                       Vishal Warriors VS Jagadamba Rhinos (Power-play was of 5 overs after rain)



Lowest runs in power-pay

17/2                    Jagadamba Rhinos VS Sagarmatha Legends

19/2                      Kantipur Gurkhas VS Colors X-Factor

20/2                     Panchakanya Tez VS Vishal Warriors

25/3                     Jagadamba Rhinos VS Colors X-Factors

26/2                       Panchakanya Tez VS Jagadamba Rhinos

26/1                      Panchakanya Tez VS Sagarmatha Legends



1          Aasif Sheikh         Panchakanya Tez VS Colors X-Factors


Most 50s

2          Paras Khadka           Vishal Warriors VS Jagadamba Rhinos

                                             Vishal Warriors VS Sagarmatha Legends

Most 50s in an innings 

2          Gyanendra Malla and Rajesh Pulami Magar     Colors X-Factor VS Sagarmatha Legends 


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