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3.2 overs, o runs and four wickets

Jul 04, 2017 | Kaushal Adhikari |

South African leg spinner Dane van Niekerk made an unusual record in international cricket against West Indies during Women's World Cup. Taking four wickets in her 3.2 overs spell she did not conceded even a single run. This is the first instance in international cricket where any bowler has taken four wickets without giving any runs.

With the help of women of the match Niekerk's four wickets West Indies were bundled in 48 runs and South Africa wining the match by 10 wickets.

Earlier in women's cricket this record was in the name of Olivia Magno of Australia. Magno had taken three wickets without conceding single runs in her 1.4 overs. She took those wickets back in 1997 against Pakistan with one maiden over.

While before Niekerk in men's cricket Australian bowler Richie Nenaud had taken three wickets in his 3.4 overs with three maiden overs against India in test in 1959.


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