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And he is the real ambassador

Nepal just landed in Bangladesh with the biggest sporting stage of their history set in form of the ICC World Twenty20 and as the team prepared for the official warm-up matches against Ireland and the UAE, the country was already hitting headlines.


For the whole Monday, cricket’s most popular website featured Nepal in its homepage sending through all the Nepalese a sense of pride and skipper Paras Khadka was the man who made it possible.


Paras has often been lauded for how he carries himself in front of media and the oratory skills he delivers has always been a hot topic. When big stage is right in front of him with the whole word in front of him, Paras gets even better.


Refraining from his own game, Paras goes on to reflect his country that makes every Nepali feel how big thing it is to be at a global arena. “For most people, Nepal came as a huge surprise to be playing at this level. This will be a breakthrough for the country itself. Once we qualified for the World Cup, the government is very keen to find out how to develop cricket further. I hope we can move forward from here,” quoted Paras as saying indicating he was impressive in the press conference room in Dhaka.


“I think we are here to present Nepal cricket in front of the whole world,” Khadka said. “It is a great opportunity for us. It is not like we have only qualified for this tournament and worked for three months. We have been playing for 10-12 years with hard work and playing continuous cricket. We are here to compete and play to the best of our ability. If we play to our potential, things should be good for us,” wrote


Paras really know what he can do when his team is playing at a higher level. “When we go on to play at the World Twenty20, we become the ambassador’s of the country. On and off the field, we have to give our best,” Paras told before leaving for the World Twenty20 journey.


The Nepali skipper was spot on in his off-field interaction with the media on Monday. In the opening stage of the World Twenty20, Nepal is meeting Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Monday.


Throughout their journey in Bangladesh, Nepal will see its favorite son establish his motherland in most perfect way.


There are lots more to come from Paras who is already the biggest ambassador Nepal have got in its history.

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