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Akhtar sees nothing wrong in NPL

Zohra Sports Management (ZSM) Managing Director Amir Akhtar said the event management company is working transparently and effectively in the organization of Nepal Premier League.


ZSM has been under hot water after the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) decided to withdraw its ownership from Nepal’s much-awaited cricket tournament alleging ZSM being non-transparent and single handedly taking all the decisions for the tournament.


There were other issues regarding the handing over of match-money to players, scorers and umpires’ allowance which Akhtar claims to have already been resolved. ZSM had agreed to hand over the match-money to CAN but after consultation with players, the event managing company had refrained from handing over the money.


“We had a meeting with players in presence of CAN President Tanka Angbuhang and National Sports Council Member Secretary Yubara Lama, I have handed over a cheque of Rs 910,000,” said Akhtar adding CAN lost faith from CAN.


“Why would players trust an organization that has not paid allowance and money that have been given for their participation in the Journey to World Cup? I had talked to the players regarding the handing over of their match money and they rejected owing to their disbelief in CAN,” said Akhtar.


CAN had formed a seven-member governing council in the smooth functioning of the tournament and a majority of its members resigned on Tuesday saying ZSM didn’t disclose its income and expenditure apart from making lone decisions.


Akhtar said he is ready to disclose the income and expenditure if CAN wants it in writtern form adding: “What I don’t’ understand is why CAN always wants to discuss about money. The governing council has never talked to me regarding the technical aspects of the game. How the preparations have gone and how the ground and pitches are prepared.”


“CAN just want to pull my leg and do nothing else. It has put the umpires in the dark though I agreed on providing them Rs 2500 per match along with first class ACC room accommodation and free transportation. They are doing whatever they want,” said Akhtar.


“Zohra Sports Management is doing a fantastic job in the development of cricket and looking at how Dhangadhi city has been gripped by cricket fever, NPL is going to be one of the biggest tournaments in the country.”

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