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A Real Breakthrough : National Cricket Academy

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) started the National Cricket Academy this month which is hoped to be the turning point of the cricket in Nepal. The move of having two teams’ i.e. National squad and Team A will also help in the development of the cricket and hope this continues for the longer period.

The concept of Academy is new for the country like Nepal and the concept of team A also. Almost all the test playing nations have the concept of team A and Academy and they have been benefitted by it. The concept of Academy and Team A brought by coach Pubudu Dassanayake, who has been handling the national side for more than a year. We must not forget the governing body of Cricket for the implementation of the coach idea.

With the arrival of Coach Dassanayake, Nepal has changed its face in the cricket. Nepal has reached to the Division 3 and also won trophy away from the home for the first time. Coach has introduced new techniques of training for the players and also motivates players in every case. Coach has sent the some batsmen for the batting training in Bangalore and also helped skipper Paras Khadka to play for Canadian club. In recent U-19 skipper and regular national team player Prithu Baskota and Pradeep Airee had played club cricket in India.

Despite all this achievement, Nepal still lack proper domestic cricket structure. Many news and views has come out that Nepal has the potential to be in the higher level, it is possible only if the players have more matches in the domestic level. Whenever CAN announce to organize national tournament all the print and electronic media will be criticizing about the tradition how the national tournament will be conducted. But the CAN continues with all it’s tradition format. By this, we can assume that CAN just listens to the criticism but continues in its own old tradition.     

As a fan of Cricket and former sports reporter, the love of cricket did not went below but it went up while watching Ranji Trophy cricket matches at Bangalore. The craze and the fame that indian cricket has is because of its domestic level cricket. Ranji Trophy is one of the famous first class cricket tournament organized in india. This tournament helps the player to perform well and the format how the trophy is organized is well. Players for the national side as well as for the Team A are called with the performance during the Tournament.

In the current period, Cheteshwar Arvind Pujara, who plays Ranji from Saurashtra and has scored centuries for india during the Test series against England is compared with the Great Wall of India in Cricket, Rahul Dravid because of his incredible innings for the home team as well as for the India during the test series. Along with Pujara, Bhuwaneshowar Kumar and Shami Ahmed were also called for the national duty as per their performance in the Ranji Trophy. We can take the example of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who is near to level the record of Sunil Gavaskar of 39 centuries in Rajni Trophy, is playing Ranji Trophy due to his poor performance in the test series against England.        

As a Neighbor country Nepal can learn lot of things from India, though Nepal has less infrastructure they can at least develop the format of the game. If the CAN says that all the participating regions in the national games must have a playing condition pitch and must be able to organize a tournament in their region then cricket in nepal can develop.

The Ranji participating team will not be afraid of the win or loss in the match as they will have points in every result of five day match. Thought there will be different points given to the teams on their performance but the players will get chance to play cricket. The problem arises here that if nepal plans to conduct national tournament in this format the basic problem it will face is the infrastructure and also the financial management. CAN has been continue to conduct two national games—One day and T20—for both men and women to minimize the cost required for the tournament within a gap of a week.

The batsmen and the bowlers will be having problem during these tournaments as the wicket and the format of the tournament is happening within a gap of a week or duo. Some of the prominent batsmen (Regular to the national squad) refer the national tournament as the winter camps and the bowlers complain more often as it’s a batting pitch that the curator prepare. The former selectors of the national squad had also asked CAN to change the format of the game so that the new players will get the chance for the national squad. This was possible if the tournament was organized in the scientific as well as in the practical form. 

Now the time has come for nepal to think about the pitch, players and also the format of the game where they play. If nepal continues to conduct the format of the national games, we have to think the future of the Nepali cricket.

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