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A cricketer’s battle for life

Cricket is the only thing Kundan Singh has always thought of. A capital-based cricketer who traveled a long journey from his home Mahottari to Kathmandu had featured in the Janakpur team for the last Prime Minister Cup One Day National cricket tournament in 2018.

As every aspiring cricketer, the 24-year old’s dream is to represent Nepal. But life has been very cruel to him. Kundan was very young when he lost both his parents and nine months ago his life was dealt a severe blow when he was diagnosed with kidney problems.

Kundan, who is looked after by his maternal relatives, now needs a kidney transplant, the only way he could save his life. His maternal relatives are not in a sound financial condition to look after his costly bills, as dialysis charges are expensive in Nepal.

Janakpur Regional Hospital, almost 13kms far from his residence, has now become his regular visiting place. He has to be there twice every week for dialysis but but no one knows for how long this will do for him. Kundan now requires a kidney transplant for which it will cost him over 1.5 million.

Bigyan Karki, a campaigner who has been raising fund to save Kundan’s life, has come as his savior but they are yet far away to collect the amount required for his transplant. Kundan has already found a donor.

Everyone has positively supported this campaign. I want to thank the cricket fraternity which has united in saving Kundan. We don’t want any cricketer to lose life because of financial crisis, Karki told cricketingnepal.

The Cricket Association of Dhanusa has urged to help Kundan. Currently, approximately Rs 170,000 has been assured for Kundan with Rs 55,000 received.

We also appeal our readers too to save Kundan Singh and express solidarity that he is not alone in this battle for his life.

To join and take a part to save Kundan’s life, here are some of the helpful attachments:

For common inquiry: +977-9881333467 (Bigyan Karki)

For transfer of funds;

esewa-ID: 9806777260 (Kushal Rana Bhat)

Bank ID:


NIC Asia Bank

Address: Pokhara, Nepal

Name: Kushal Rana Bhat


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