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Tie-sheet of Attariya Cup

May 01, 2017 | Kaushal Adhikari |

Departmental team APF and Milan Cricket Academy will play each other as Attariya Cup Women T20 Cricket Tournament kick off on Thursday.

Six participating teams have been divided into two groups containing three teams in each group.

APF Club, Milan Cricket Academy and Kanchanpur 11 are in Group A while Kailali District Cricket Association, Rising Cricket Womens and Bara Women Cricket Club.

Bishakh 21               APF vs Milan Cricket Academy

Baishakh 22             Rising Cricket Womens VS Kailali District Cricket Association

                                  APF VS Kanchanpur 11

Baishakh 23             Rising Cricket Womens VS Bara Women Cricket Club

                                  Milan Cricket Academy VS Kanchanpur 11

Baishakh 24             Bara Women Cricket VS Kailali District Cricket Academy

Bishakh 25               Semi-final 1

                                  Semi-final 2

Baishakh 26             Final (Winner of semi-final 1 VS Winner of semi-final 2)


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