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Cricket's stake holders submit memo to govt

Oct 16, 2016 | Eddie Van Brooks |

A group of cricket's stake holders on Sunday submitted a memorandum to the Youth and Sports Ministry demanding Mulpani Cricket Stadium to be made playable.


The government had handed over the upper ground in Mulpani, which currently offices the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), to construct a cricket stadium. Although the ground has seen pavilion and fencing, it is not currently in a playable condition.


The group, representing the CAN, has asked the government to make the grounds playable using a minimum budget of Rs 1.676 million. The group has also provided a budgeting to finalize the ground.


National Sports Council Member Shailesh Karmacharya, chief cricket coach Jagat Tamatta, former skipper Binod Das, vice captain of National team Gyanendra Malla, CAN officials and national cricketers have signed in the memorandum which was handed over to Youth and Sports Minister Daljit Shripali.


Here is the budgeting for the ground: 

1.       Wicket preparation cost

Bermuda grass – 5,000

Fertilizer           – 7,000

Ground Water – 20,000

Clay                    – 1,20,000

Man power      – 80,000


2.       Out Field preparation cost

JCV charge        – 75,000

Roller                 – 60,000

Garder                – 84,000

Soil for filling   – 2,00,000

Man power      – 4,80,000

Bermuda grass – 20,000

Fertilizer            – 25,000

Ground water – 1,00,000


3.       Fencing repairing

Concreting pole with Galvanized wire – 3,00,000


4.       Miscelleaneous expenses        –  1,00,000


Grand Total     - 16,76,000



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